The standard mode for obstetric ultrasound is 2D ultrasound.

Images produced from a 2D ultrasound are usually black and white and look something similar to a photographic negative. Some parents can be disappointed with the images produced from a 2D ultrasound as they can be unclear and therefore opt to also have a 3D ultrasound.

A 3D Ultrasound is a technique of ultrasound used during pregnancy to capture images in 3 dimension of your unborn child.

In 3D fetal scanning, the sound waves are sent through at different angles allowing for us to see 3 dimensional image.

Furthermore, due to advancements in Ultrasound technology there are now machines and software which allows us to see 3D images in real time. The process of the actual ultrasound is very much the same as 2D & 3D however, with the latest technology adding an extra dimension which is time, it means all the 3D images are moving so in fact then you can see your baby’s movements and therefore becomes a 4D Ultrasound.

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